Google & Chrome Training

Getting Started with Google and Chrome

  • Google For Education – this website will help many of you get your feet wet.  Want to make a Google Site and transition away from PowPack?  There are instructions for ALL the Google Docs Apps.  There are a lot of videos – making this more like a classroom for you and for your students.
  • 30 Ways to use Chromebooks in Schools — this is an overview slide show.  It should help you see some of the possibilities, but there are no specifics — If you see something you might be interested in, then do a google search on it and that should take you to pages that are more specific.
  • Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything – I don’t know who this gal is, but she has quite an extensive page of links to LOTS of Chromebook Resources!  I love it when people do my job for me.

Info on the Chrome OS

  • Chromebook OS Wiki – Tips and Tricks — the first page has useful Keyboard Shortcuts


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Resource Submission

Have you found a great resource on the Web to help integrate Chromebooks into the Classroom? Have you found a great training resource to help get everyone up to speed -- send me the info!