What are YOU Doing in the Classroom?

Sierra Polsinelli, CHS Geometry

  • I have set up a Google Sites Website just for Geometry.  You can set up a different site for each course, so I have one for Geometry and one for Statistics (which I am not teaching this year).
  • I have a “Schedule Page” that tells the students what is going on this week, and into the next few weeks.  This page also has links to any online files that the students will need.
  • The main page for this site, the one that students will access virtually every day in class is my Lectures & Resources Page.  My Google Docs Slide Lectures are linked here, as well as videos that I have found on YouTube to support the material.  There are also a few pages under this page for Files I have uploaded (using what is called a “file cabinet” theme for the page)

Here’s what I am going to try to do.  Students will access the lectures and resources page, and also link to the online textbook.  We will work through the lecture together.  I will work out an example, and then students will work out an additional example in groups (3-4 members per group).  This will help minimize the number of Chromebook units that absolutely have to be out, and hopefully maximize space.

When not lecturing, my students can use headphones to watch videos and work on classwork at their own pace.

That’s my current plan!

Please Share What You are Doing

Classroom Ideas

What is working for you? What is NOT working for you? Give me information on how you are using Chromebooks in your classroom.