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East Liverpool Board of Education Imposes Contract!

This quoted from WFMJ Online


The East Liverpool City School District’s Board of Education has imposed a contract on the district’s 185 teachers. A proposal the teachers unanimously rejected last week.

The action was taken Monday Night after the Board notified the teacher’s union it would implement the plan if they did not accept the offer by 8:01 that morning.

Parents, members of the community, and teachers from other school districts came together in a major show of support for the East Liverpool Education Association.

Chardon EA voted to show our support for the 185 East Liverpool Teachers!  Please wear Blue and White on Friday (4/17) to show your support too.


Ohio Board of Education Backs Ending ‘5 of 8’ Staffing Rule

The Columbus dispatch reports that

The Ohio Board of Education moved ahead yesterday with a plan to abolish school-staffing requirements that critics contend would allow districts to eliminate art teachers, librarians, counselors and other staff members.

GET INVOLVED – Write your State Congressional Representative and your State Senator!

NEOEA Emerging Leaders Cookout!

NEOEA Emerging Leaders Cookout: Give Us Two Hours, We’ll Give You a Better Year Join us on Friday, June 12, for lunch at the NEOEA Conference Center. We’ll offer you a one-stop shop for information on how to jump-start your local association and make life better for your members. We’ll have prizes, food, and giveaways, but most of all, we’ll have contact with people who can help you make a difference at your workplace. We’re bringing together resources from all over Northeastern Ohio, as well as guests from Columbus, who can show you how to make the association work for your members. Spend an hour networking with them, and join us for lunch.

Emerging Leaders Flyer


NEOEA Summer Leadership Conference

Mark your calendar to attend the 2014 NEOEA Summer Leadership Conference this summer, July 23-24. NEOEA’s Summer Leadership Committee is planning another exciting conference at the Bertram Inn and Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio. Centrally located for NEOEA members, educators from northeastern Ohio will gather in a relaxed atmosphere for training and networking with other local association leaders and members.

YOU should go!  If you want to apply for a scholarship to offset the costs then fill out the following Scholarship Application Form_2015.




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